Airport Surface Surveillance Systems

Veracity Airport Surface Surveillance Systems provide real-time display of the surface traffic within the airport movement areas, thereby reducing the risk of ground traffic incidents, incursions, or accidents especially during low visibility conditions.


SurfaceView™ is an integrated radar, ADS-B and camera based system that provides surface situational awareness and security capabilities to small and mid-size airports without surface surveillance capabilities. Whether it’s the movement of aircraft or other vehicles, wildlife, or other potential hazards, SurfaceView provides the awareness needed to address issues in real time, the analysis needed to optimize operations, and the data needed to ensure the accuracy of billing and other critical business processes.
Provides Real-Time Surface Monitoring
  • Enables Informed Real-Time Decision Making
  • Improves Operational Efficiency and Overall Safety and Security
  • Coverage within 5NM Radius
  • Configurable Alerts for Aircraft, Vehicles, Wildlife and Drones
  • 24/7 Recording and Playback
  • Visual Confirmation of AOA Activities
  • Capability to Integrate with Existing Security Infrastructure
  • Works in All Weather Conditions
Subscription-Based Service Model
  • No Up-Front Capital Investment
  • Manageable Implementation Fee
  • Monthly Subscription Fee
  • All Components, Services and Maintenance Owned & Operated by Veracity Engineering.
User-friendly, Customizable Interfaces
  • Custom User Geofencing
  • NOTAMS & Wx Monitoring
  • FAA/External Data Source Integration
Functional Uses
  • Airport Operations
  • Emergency Response
  • Perimeter Security
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • De-icing Monitoring
  • Inclement Weather Alerts
  • Drone Detection
  • Safety Analysis & Training
  • Departure Queue Depth
  • OOOI Time Management

Airport Insight

The AI application receives the FAA surveillance data, integrates third party data sources, fuses this data and securely communicates the information to the AI client display. With an extensive menu of functionalities, AIRPORTinsight™ provides operational management and decision support tools for users at the operations control center, ramp towers, gatehouses, and corporate headquarters.


The OI support tool provides the user the ability to conduct advanced queries and playback of recorded flight track and company information to identify trends in the data and highlight areas where delays occur, or airline operations are impacted. This includes identifying bottleneck or choke-point areas such as runway intersections, taxiways, or ramp entry. OI records actual taxi route information for all inbound and outbound flights, calculates ETAs to the gate, and helps to identify runway utilization, intersecting runway departures, and use of perimeter taxiways.