AIRPORTinsight (AI) is a surface management system developed to provide enhanced and shared situational awareness of airport surface operations and terminal activity. The AI application receives data from the FAA NextGen surveillance data network, integrates third party data sources, and securely communicates that information to the AI client display. With an extensive menu of functionalities, AIRPORTinsight™ provides operational management and decision support tools for users at the operations control center, ramp towers, gatehouses, and corporate headquarters. These tools coupled with real-time aircraft movement and positional data, enables effective decision-making and assists both airlines and airports in running efficient, cost-effective operations.

AIRPORTinsight™ is currently operational at 13 major US airports including Dallas-Ft. Worth, New York - JFK, New York - LaGuardia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington National, Washington Dulles, Boston, Newark, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

OPSinsight (TM)

OPSinsight (OI) is an operational performance data analysis tool for operations planning personnel to analyze the effectiveness of daily surface operations and aids in the redesign of procedures and decision-making processes for improving airline operations. The OI support tool provides functionality to conduct advanced queries and playback of recorded flight track and company information to identify trends in the data and highlight areas where delays occur or airline operations are impacted. This includes identifying bottleneck or choke-point areas such as runway intersections, taxiways, or ramp entry. OI records actual taxi route information for all inbound and outbound flights, calculates ETAs to the gate, and helps to identify runway utilization, intersecting runway departures, and use of perimeter taxiways. Queries can also be performed that include operations for arrivals, departures, maintenance, and gate assignment changes. The results of queries can be easily exported to company applications for further data analysis, metrics calculations, and reporting.

WEATHERinsight (TM)

The latest enhancement to the AI Suite includes the integration of weather data with FAA radar and flight plan information. With detailed analysis of historical, current, and forecast weather, WEATHERinsight™ (WI) provides decision support for airlines, pilots, and FAA air traffic entities. The consolidation of data sources allows for flight plan redirection route and impact calculations. WI graphical user interface (GUI) is state-of-art featuring three-dimensional display of real-time enroute traffic, with Doppler radar, flight plan, and projection overlays.