Veracity Engineering was awarded an Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) prime contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). eFAST is the FAA’s preferred acquisition vehicle for fulfilling the Agency’s small business goals. The eFAST MOA is a five-year base contract with two (2) five-year options with a contract ceiling of $7.4 Billion. With streamlined procurement lead times and a low fee-for-service, eFAST offers a proven track record in the execution and administration of contacts of all contract types, including directed awards and performance based solutions.

There are currently 727 eFAST Prime Contractors. Veracity Engineering is one of only a few selected prime contractors that possess all eight (8) eFAST Functional Areas, as listed below:

  • Air Transportation Services (ATS)
    Air transportation services including Architectural, Electrical and Wiring, Environmental Remediation, Environmental, Facilities Support, Biological, Chemical, Energy, Hydrology, Physics, Radio, Safety, Security, Weather Forecasting, Services Meteorological.
  • Business Administration Management (BAM)
    Business administration management including Accounting/ Budgeting/ Finance, Acquisition/ Procurement, Administrative Management, General Management, Human Resources, Equal Employment Opportunity, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Process Analysis, Application Content Management, Office Management, Training, Developing Training Materials, Graphic Artist Services.
  • Research And Development (R&D)
    Research and development in the Physical and Life Sciences, including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Computer Science, Ecology, Environmental, Geology, Hydrology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Oceanography, Physics, Statistics, Theoretical/Modeling, Operations Research.
  • Engineering Services (ES)
    Engineering services including Systems Engineering, System Analysis, Specialty Engineering, System Security, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Test, Acoustical, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Astrophysics, Chemical, Civil, Combustion, Communications, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Erosion Control, Geological, Geophysical, Heating, Human Factors, Hydraulics, Industrial, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marine, Mechanical, Nuclear, Operations Research, Developing Training Materials, Air Traffic Operations Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Safety System Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Management Analysis/Design/Development, Air Traffic Operations Training, Air Traffic Safety System Training, Air Traffic Management Training, Training.
  • Computer Systems Development (CSD)
    Computer system development including Information Analysis/Business Intelligence, Database Analysis/ Design/Development, Computer Program Analysis/ Design/ Development, Computer System Analysis/ Design/ Development, Web Site Analysis/Design/Development, Graphic Design, Computer System Server Analysis/ Design/ Test, Developing Training Materials, Training, Information Assurance Analysis/Test, Enterprise Architecture, Information Technology Systems Architecture, Network Analysis/Design/Test, Computer System Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Graphic Design.
  • Computer Systems Support (CSS)
    Computer system support including Database Administration, Computer Program Maintenance, Computer Maintenance, Server Maintenance/Operations, Network Maintenance/Operations, Web Site Maintenance, Help Desk, Telecommunication Services, Information Assurance Analysis /Test, Computer System Quality Assurance, Software Engineering.
  • Documentation and Training (D&T)
    Documentation and training support including Analyze / Prepare / Edit Technical Documentation, Analyze/Prepare/Edit Business Documentation, Analyze / Prepare / Edit / Deliver Training, Analyze / Prepare / Edit/ Deliver Computer Based Training.
  • Maintenance and Repair (M&R)
    Equipment maintenance and repair including General Equipment Repair, Specialized Equipment Repair.