AIRPORTinsight(AI) is a suite of applications developed to provide an electronic display of airport surface, terminal, and en route aviation activity. Utilizing a server/client based system architecture, the AI server receives data from FAA surface surveillance systems, integrates third party data, and then relays that information to the AI stand alone or web based client. With an extensive menu of functionality, the AI client provides operational management and decision support tools. These tools, coupled with the real time surveillance data, assist both airport authorities and airlines in running efficient, cost-effective operations.

AI is currently in use today at major commercial airports and airlines as well as among the general aviation community.  The AI suite of applications has been developed with an open architecture to allow for ease of integration to various data sources including FAA, airport, and airline internal systems.  In addition, the AI client has been designed with the end user in mind, allowing for user friendly and customizable operation.



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